Who are we?


Emek Çelik Döküm (Emek Steel Fondry) with its 1500 ton annual capacity and 60% export of its production, accumulates its success in foundry idustry since its foundation in 1985. Currently, foundry works constitute the core of the engineering and industry in Turkey.

Emek Çelik Döküm (Emek Steel Foundry) provides casting services in compliance to international standards (ASTN, AISI, SAE, JIS, BS, DIN) to its customers with its 50 workers for 31 years.

Raw materials that are used in the production are tested with different control and analyze equipments for their compliance to materal specifications.

Our Team

We  do not compromising on quality!


Here are our advantages
Present devices such as

  • Spectrometer
  • Pulling Test Device
  • Age Method Analysis Unitary

are used for physical,chemical and microbe structure control of castings in our laboratory.